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January 03 2014

June 17 2012


Another step towards linux

So, some colleagues of me keep trying to convince me to step into the “wonderful” world of linux…

If you don’t know linux, then i’m really suprised you found your way to my blog ^^

Anyway, in my young life I already tried a bunch of distro’s… Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch, (Solaris), Debian, … But for some reason Fedora keeps interesting me :-)

So, a while back I installed the latest release, 16, on my laptop. Once more :-)
But I didn’t actually used it…
It was there, eating about 60GB of my hard drive :P

But yeah, sometimes you just get curious again.
And after my “experiences” with the wonderful Windows 8, it might be just the time to explore the alternatives :-)

So, it’s the second weekend I actually work in my FC16 installation, and I still like it!

The gnome3 ui is actually nice!
This drops one of my favourite arguments against linux: it looks old.
Now it doesn’t any more :-)

I actually believe my parents would be able to work with this!

Another thingy I needed for this “linux experiment” was my windows installation!
You can’t counter the fact you need Windows in a IT-administration environment.
But I didn’t want do reinstall the entire thing into a vhd or vmdk…

So I created something special :-)

As you noticed in the screenshot above, I have 1 disk holding a grub bootloader, a windows installation, and a Linux installation.
And I wanted to be able to start the windows installation into the Linux installation using virtualisation.

This is: right from the physical disk -)

I’ll give you a heads up: it works :-)

But I’m going to write a separate blogpost about it!



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