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June 30 2013


Still alive


But working, driving around, looking for a place to live …
Not even having time to soup or blog :-o

But it will change!

Next post about bypassing prism! :P

Yet another thing FUCK PRISM!


March 23 2013


Not so random

Random generators suck…
Apparently none can make a good one…

My car (bmw), my previous car (opel), my ipod, itunes, windows phone, youtube, …

After a song, always the same “random” song follows..
It’s kind of strange…
If you let me create a random() function, I would include the time somehow.
At least in a car you can create some mathematical function, which divided by the current amount of minutes, will give you something pseudo random, right?
At least random enough to not always let a specific song be the next one at another certain song?


Random.org gives you the real analysis of how true randomness can be achieved.

As you can see on the random.org page mentioned above, even php on windows rand() sucks! Spot the “pattern” in the picture below!
According to Bo Allen php performs better on Linux… Shame on you Microsoft! :P

php’s rand() function on windows!


Anyway, I don’t want to know the next song, when I enable “shuffle” in my audio player…

Microsoft, BMW, Apple, please fix it!

March 19 2013


De Swaef!

Where does it originates?
Why “swaef”?
Since when do they use it?

I’ll never know :-)
But there are some options!

Let us pick the coolest one, and tell everybody I’m descend from some uber-cool army dudes!

January 16 2013


Variable signing…

WP_000313 (1)

In my bed, the weirdest things happen…
Today, I woke up, and tough to myself: “why do people sign their code, but not their stored data & variables?”

Let’s explain what I mean…

I’ve been messing around with Windows Phone 7 quite some time.
And now Windows 8 has the same fun challenges.

Some (most) applications which are developed by home-programmers, don’t make time to “secure” their applications. Mostly because their isn’t time, money, or the effort is just too high…

Anyway, this results in a lot of apps you can play with 8-)



Nowadays, when you edit a W8 xaml file, the codeintegrity.cat (miaow) file makes sure you app crashes…
The codeintegrity file (part of the MS App Store) verifies the integrity of the code (no way :P ).
It’s a quick fix for a hack that came out a long time ago (the one where you could edit anything you wanted): www.extremetech.com/computing/143002-how-to-pirate-windows-8-metro-apps-bypass-in-app-purchases-and-more

Some thoughts: why isn’t all this encrypted/obfuscated/minimised/…, aka: why it it plain text?

A really good read from justin angel! It’s quiet funny too!

So at least I’m not the only one who thinks like that!

But a solution can be that easy!
Take your vars, and multiply them with 4. Convert them to another type (var something = (new int32(1234).tochar() ). Create a stupid mathematical formula to “hide” your variables. Or even: don’t store your variables with easy names (The function of the variable “AmountOfGold=5000″ isn’t THAT difficult to guess :-p ), or just salt the entire variablebullshit!

If only our precious NMBS would do that! :lol:

December 10 2011


Intro to c# and ms sql

23 years old, and I still didn’t know how to connect a microsoft sql with c#
That needed to change!

In the end, it’s almost exact the same as php/mysql or in netbeans…
You define a connection, you open it, and you’re ready to query :-)

The hardest part was getting the data source (my local computer) right ^^
Plus, you can connect using your windows credentials (just run it), or define some specific user authentication.

In code, it looks like this:

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
 SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection("server=mendelportable\\sqlexpress;Trusted_Connection=yes;database=master;connection timeout=30");

 SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand("select * from Table1", myConnection);
 SqlDataReader dr = myCommand.ExecuteReader();
 textBox1.Text = "";
 while (dr.Read())

And once you’re connected, you’re ready to query the hell out of that database 8-)

It’s absolutely nothing special, and it’s good to know!

Mission accomplished :-)

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September 16 2011


Wat BHV eigenlijk is

Elke avond komt je nieuwe buurman langs om een fris pintje te drinken: hij heeft immers nog geen koelkast. Op sommige dagen is dat wel wat lastig, maar je begrijpt het wel aangezien hij nog geen koelkast heeft. Dus gun je hem het pintje uit jouw koelkast (faciliteiten). Maar dagen worden weken, weken worden maanden en maanden worden jaren en de buurman voelt zich ondertussen zodanig bij jou thuis dat hij bepaalt wanneer en wat er gedronken mag worden (balorige burgemeesters die weigeren Nederlands te spreken).

Wanneer je hem daar op aanspreekt, reageert hij furieus en zoekt steun bij zijn familie die een straat verder woont (Brusselse Franstaligen). Deze steunen het gedrag van je buurman en eisen dat je je huis open stelt voor heel de familie (verdere verfransing) , waarbij de koelkast eigendom wordt van de familie (aanhechting faciliteiten gemeenten bij Brussel), maar waarbij jij die wel dagelijks dient te vullen (financiële transfers).

Wanneer uiteindelijk de vrederechter stelt dat jij gelijk hebt én dat de buurman dan maar bij zijn familie moet gaan drinken (uitspraak grondwettelijk hof), eist de buurman en zijn familie dat jij een koelkast voor hen koopt (compensaties voor Franstaligen) en hem dagelijks komt vullen (blijvende financiële transfers).


July 17 2011


July 12 2011


What is belgium…

To summarize, Belgium is…

  • a young nation (1830) overrun in the past by the Spanish, the French, the Austrians, the Dutch and the Germans.
  • a melting pot of cultures straddling the boundary between the Germanic and Latin worlds.
  • 6 million Flemings, 3.5 million Walloons, and 1 million inhabitants of Brussels.
  • 0.02% of the earth’s surface and 0.16% of the world population.
  • 30,528 km² in surface area.
  • bordered by France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany.
  • flat, with the Signal de Botrange (694 meters) in the High Fens as its highest point.

Thx to Belgian Beer Cafe

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January 14 2011


A test for Facebook

This post is just a test for the import functionality of facebook.

This should be showed on facebook.

This should NOT be showed on facebook :mrgreen:

December 19 2010


Random Linux Gedrag

Men allerliefste Linux heeft 4 logische cores ter beschikking (Intel I3: dualcore met HT)

Nu heeft die sukkelaar de opdracht om 2 singlethreaded programma’s simultaan uit te voeren, dus braafjes worden die 2 executables op 2 verschillende cores gescheduled…

Dus workloads wordt zoiets:
CPU1:100% – CPU2: 100% – CPU3: 5% – CPU4: 5%

Nu ne minuut later, random linux
CPU1:5% – CPU2: 100% – CPU3: 100% – CPU4: 5%

En weer ne minuut later:
CPU1:5% – CPU2: 100% – CPU3: 5% – CPU4: 100%

Hoe houd je verveling weg ^^

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